Alien junta in Europe takes hostages

Seit zwei Wochen erhalten wir regelmäßig Zusendungen von Bürgern aus Belarus, die sich mit den repressierten Vertretern der demokratischen Kräfte solidarisch erklären. Wir haben beschlossen, die interessantesten Zusendung in unserem Blog anonym zu veröffentlichen:

An ‘amendment’ to the international judicial practice proposed by the Junta: ‘If you do not come to police by yourself, you are guilty’.

During the peaceful manifestation on December 19 the junta enforcers beat hundreds of people, arrested over 600 people for 10 days or more with no trial, and jailed many alternative candidates and other demonstrators for an indefinite period so that even their lawyers cannot contact them. Now the junta amasses more hostages, apparently hoping to get money for them. Besides, they cut all communication for those arrested. Those interrogated are made to sign ‘non-disclosure obligations’, without any explanations of their rights.

• Dmitri Bulanov got a call to his mobile phone with a demand to come to the police. When the guy refused and said that there must be an official invitation, the enforcers came to his home in the early morning and arrested him stating that ‘If you do not come to police by yourself, you must be guilty’. It is already 2 days passed since Dmitri is in jail, and his mother cannot give him any parcel because of ‘technical problems’ in the prison (
• Milana Mikhalevich, the wife of one of the alternative candidates jailed since December 19, was to go to Warsaw for a conference devoted to the atrocities in Belarus. A day or two before her departure she received a call from her husband who was asking her not to go anywhere. ‘It was his voice, but he was not himself’, the young woman recalls. She decided to go to the conference anyway, and then several hours before the departure KGB enforcers came to her apartment to search it. The search stopped as soon as the train left Minsk. The courageous woman decided to go to Warsaw by car, taking her 1-year old daughter with her. The car was first escorted by three or four cars from KGB, then stopped not far from the border. An enforcer warned Milana that she would not leave the country anyway. The woman had to return home (
• The same happened with Tatsiana Seviarynets, the mother of one of the politicians jailed since December 19. The same conference, the same method. This time the junta double-checked, and a search was combined with taking the woman to the KGB building and snatching her passport. She still cannot leave the country.
• Andrei Sannikau and his wife Irina Khalip are both jailed by KGB and denied any normal lawyer assistance since December 19. Their three-year old son is another hostage. The Junta threatens to take him into ‘a governmental facility’, in spite of the fact that there is a loving grandmother, Irina’s mother, to care for the boy. Apparently the Junta officials plan to get a lot of money for a kid hostage.

21-year old Maya Abromchik was so severely beaten at the Square on December 19 that her leg was fractured in several places. Still, an enforcer with a club ordered her to walk into the armored police car. No way the girl could do it by herself, so she had to be carried to the police car by one of her friend, who was also severely beaten. The girl had her leg operated, and it is unlikely she will completely restore the leg functioning. However, when she was leaving the hospital, her medical certificate read “Cause of the injury—home accident’.


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