Alien junta in Belarus: unruly and unruling

 Dear friends

 Thank you for your attention to the situation in my country. You are most welcome to ask questions, I will do the best I can. Please also forward this info to your friends if you find it suitable. If for some reason you do not want to receive the news releases, contact me.

After what seemed a stop the Junta in Belarus resumed suppressing people and the society. Their repressions are targeted at three groups of people: journalists, social and political activists, and lawyers. If you care about the situation in the neighboring country, please keep in touch with your fellow Belarusans and take some action against those who oppress them. The alien Junta may be dangerous for your own country.

The info here is what I saw with my own eyes, or what I got first-hand from my friends.

During the manifestation I have NEVER seen such a big group of people (20,000-40,000, maybe more at different times) who were so self-disciplined and self-organized. I must stress that the demonstrators were pro-active about public order. At the first Square I saw how the crowd literally ejected a guy who was drunk. The people just pushed him out. The people were behaving reasonable and non-violent even after the information that one of the candidates was beaten unconscious by the Junta enforcers (that was long before the election process was officially over). At the same time the people were determined to express their indignation about the Presidential election stolen for the third time. During all my stay there I saw NO REASONS WHATSOEVER to disperse the manifestation. But the public disorder did happen when the Junta enforcers started beating people.

  • Two days after I was giving parcels to those in jail. The prison lobby had a list of items allowed for parcels, and the list was headed ‘The instruction of the Ministry of Internal Affairs’. I asked the officer on duty (Major Mihail Razumovich) to make a copy for me, and he did. So much was I surprised when at another prison my friend was told ‘we do not care for any lists you can bring, we have our own rules’. Those rules did differ greatly. The Ministry of Internal Affairs cannot keep order within their own system. 
  • One of my friends managed to get a copy of the protocol from his ‘trial’. Here is the sentence I personally saw ‘Sentenced to 10 days in prison for taking part in an unauthorized public meeting and crying out the anti-governmental slogan LONG LIVE BELARUS’.  

Here are evidences of some of my friends with whom I personally talked and whom I trust completely: 

  • ‘Near the KGB building we saw three minivans for cash collecting. They were parked just near the building and it all looked very provocative. However, the people just walked around them very decently. There were no attempts whatsoever to even touch the vehicles.’ 
  • ‘We were walking just like during Slavonic Bazaar (a big music festival in summer, heavily promoted by the Junta). The difference was that nobody was littering. We saw just one plastic bottle, we picked it up and put it into a trash can.’ 
  • ‘They threw us into a police car and kept us there freezing for the whole night’ 
  •  ‘The trial? Ha, the trial was like this. They bring you into a room, there is a person who calls herself ‘Judge’ (those were mostly women). She asks you a couple of questions, and does not care for your answers. The police officer who brings you into the room acts as the only witness. Lawyers? What lawyers? There are just three of you, yourself, the official woman, and the police officer. If you admit you are guilty, they give you 10 days. If you do not, they give you 15. They do not listen to you at all. All this lasted for 3 minutes, maybe less.’ 
  • ‘When the arrested men were walked along the corridor, the police officers were beating them. Not much, just one heavy blow in the chest. What for? I do not know. They looked rather afraid of something.’ 
  • ‘The jails for arrested women were much worse than those for men. It was freezing inside, and there was ice on the wall. The draught were there all the time, apparently the window was broken and could not close. The cell was for 6 people, but they packed 12-15 women there. The water was brown and smelled horrible. The light was dim, it was almost impossible to read. We spent 10 days there.’

 This news release shows my own experience only, but the conclusions below are supported by many Internet publications, blogs, rumors, personal talks.

The alien Junta in Belarus does NOT represent the people of Belarus. The alien Junta in Belarus does NOT play by the rules, any rules, even the ones they established themselves. The alien Junta in the center of Europe fosters criminals, both highly trained and just petty ones. The alien Junta in the center of Europe provides excellent grounds for money laundering and creates a seat of instability and tension. The alien Junta in Belarus is a threat for your own country as well.

Please forward this info to your legal Representative and ask them what actions your government is going to take.


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